Get a Generator at Your Place

The wonderful thing about hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is that it can be generated with just water, salt and electricity.  So, it can be made almost anywhere!  

If you have a HOCl electrolysis generator at your place, you can create disinfectant whenever you need it and you won’t be spending money buying from the market.  You are also assured of the quality and delivery whenever you need it.  

Quality hypochlorous acid generators can be expensive because of the technology required.  

To reduce the cost of these machines, Hypo Africa offers rental or lease options, as well as hire purchase or credit options.   You can get a generator on your site for a monthly payment.  

Hypo Africa works with several manufacturers to provide a variety of good quality generators for your use.  They range in size from several litres per hour at 200 ppm to several hundred litres per hour at 1,000 ppm. 

 The choice of generator depends on your needs, and rental prices range from USD$80 per month to $1,500 per month.  

Get it on Rental / Lease

Hypo Africa offers the machine on rental or lease so that you can have a HOCl generator at your place and just pay a monthly rental fee.  Hypo Africa provides salt, training and maintenance as part of the monthly rental fee.

Get it on Rent to own / Hire Purchase

If you would like to eventually own the HOCl generator, but don’t want to spend the cash all at once, Hypo Africa offers rent-to-own or hire purchase programs to finance the generator while you use it.

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